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    <br>LONDON, Aug 16 (Reuters) – A court in Russia has fined streaming service Twitch 2 million roubles ($33,000) for hosting a short video containing what it calls “fake” information about alleged war crimes in the Ukrainian town of Bucha, Russian news agencies reported on Tuesday.<br><br>When Windows 11 launched, the new OS’ partnership with Amazon brought Android apps to Windows PCs. This update expands the Amazon App Store preview and raises its total count of Android apps and games to 20,000. <br><br>”I was kind of seeing my family there, and it’s a special moment to represent my country in the NHL at home in Prague,” Hertl said.<br>”So, a lot of emotion, and it was just a special moment. I’m so proud I can be even here.”<br><br>Now in his 10th season, Green has four NBA titles coming off last June’s Finals victory over Boston. The problem is he has occasionally bumped heads with teammates, such as an infamous on-court spat with Kevin Durant in 2017, and even Kerr has been caught complaining about the former Defensive Player of the Year.<br><br>To minimize distractions, the update introduces Focus sessions and a Do Not Disturb mode to minimize distractions. According to Microsoft, when you start a new Focus session, Windows automatically turns on Do Not Disturb. This silences notifications, turns off taskbar badges and app notifications in our task bar. Focus also improves the Clock App with timers to help you focus and remember to take breaks. <br><br>Earlier, RIA reported that Telegram messenger was hit with two fines totalling 11 million roubles ($179,000) for refusing to delete channels which allegedly showed how to “sabotage” military vehicles and hosting “unreliable data” about Russia’s progress in what it calls a “special military operation” in Ukraine.<br><br>The clip shows Green exchanging words with Poole along the baseline, before bumping chests with the smaller guard, who attempts to gently push the veteran forward out of the way as concerned teammates and coaches began to take notice<br><br>One report claimed teammates were upset that Poole had been talking incessantly about building a pool on his property and the banter ultimately got to Green, but Curry has since called that theory ‘absolute BS.'<br><br>The clip shows Green exchanging words with Poole along the baseline before bumping chests with the smaller guard, who attempts to gently push the veteran forward out of the way as concerned teammates and coaches begin to take notice.<br><br>The operating system is fast approaching its first anniversary in early October. At launch, the new operating system brought dozens of new features to life, including a redesigned interface, widgets, a more accessible Microsoft Teams experience, multiple desktops and Snap Layouts and Groups, as well as Android apps.<br><br>Windows 11 now has more productivity tools Windows 11 launched with features geared towards multitaskers and users who wanted more organization. With this new update, Snap Layouts, which neatly arrange open Windows on your desktop, are more versatile with improved touch navigation and the ability to snap multiple browser tabs in Microsoft Edge. <br><br>Yu Darvish threw seven strong innings, the Padres hit four homers off Max Scherzer and San Diego cruised to a 7-1 win over the host New York Mets on Friday in the opener of a best-of-three National League wild-card series.<br><br>The Astros are a winning machine, the Dodgers have their… MLB attendances are nearly 4million LOWER than pre-pandemic… Yankees superstar Aaron Judge narrowly misses out on… Millionaire banker who is married to Bachelor reality TV…<br><br>Voice access, still in preview, improves on already existing voice commands by allowing you to control your PC and author text vocally. The first time you use voice access, you’ll go through an interactive tutorial on completing common tasks with your voice. The tool also provides real-time feedback if it doesn’t recognize a word.<br><br>Scherzer ran into trouble immediately when Profar blooped a single on the first pitch of the game before Bell hit a two-out homer well into the left field seats.<br>Grisham hit a solo shot with two outs in the second, after which Scherzer retired seven straight before Ha-Seong Kim singled leading off the fifth.<br><br>The Windows 11 update makes your PC easier to use The new Windows 11 update adds a faster, pkvgames more accurate search to the Start menu, Quick Settings, as well as better local and current events coverage on your Widgets board. In October, Windows 11 will get a long-requested feature — tabs in File Explorer.<br><br>Microsoft has given Windows 11 a major update. Released on Sept. 20, the first big update to the operating system is now available for download on your laptop or desktop. You may be wondering, though, should you install the upgrade? With all the new security, productivity, accessibility and gaming features, the answer is likely yes. <br><br>Various internet reports have claimed that Poole’s ego has grown as he’s approached a new contract extension, perhaps contributing to the friction with Green, but head coach Steve Kerr seemed to dismiss that on Thursday.  <br>

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