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    <br> Emerging biotechnologies in psychiatry and clinical psychology Convenors: Mr Jonas Rueppel (Goethe University Frankfurt) Dr Torsten Heinemann (University of California, Berkeley) Sat third Sept, 11:00 117b This track explores the use of biotechnologies in psychiatry or medical psychology and analyses the social, ethical, political and lawful dimensions. 146 The neuroscience of psychopathy among medicalization and criminalization Dr Torsten Heinemann (University of California, Berkeley) Inconsistencies and multiple understandings: An examination of tradition connected factors in DSM 5 Dr Anna Bredstrom (ISV, Linköping University) T097. Analysis of Argentina’s Projects for Technological and Social Development. T099.1 Fri 2nd Sept, 11:00 128 Images of ageing in architectural structure for older people today Dr Christina Buse (University of York) Prof Sarah Nettleton (University of York) Dr Daryl Martin (University of York) Prof Julia Twigg (University of Kent) Constructing the more mature close user Experiences from three many years of doing work in AAL assignments Ms Anna Wanka (University of Vienna) Mrs Vera Gallistl (Department of Sociology) Older men and women caught between an autonomous lifetime and autonomous technology? Although the style and design of the web-site is considerably from the fanciest, you would be tricky-pressed to find many internet sites that have a a lot more pleasing and legitimate Web one. experience than this gem does.<br>

    <br> The keep track of explores medication, therapy, effectiveness, products and more. This keep track of invites papers analyzing the routine of promising in rising science and technologies, dealing with problems of functionality and trustworthiness. a hundred forty five Knowledge Contested and Knowledge Absent: NFL Concussion Data and Legal Outcomes Dr Jennifer Croissant (University of Arizona) Duelling, Prize Fighting, and Boxing: Nakedlivesexcam.Com The Role of Medicine and Technology in a Shifting Legal Terrain Dr Jennifer Hardes (Canterbury Christ Church University) Integrating Science and Technology into Sports: A Case Study of Sports Innovations in Belgium Dr Michiel Van Oudheusden (KU Leuven) Biomedicalisation and magic: regenerative therapies, evidence procedures and faith healers in elite activity Prof Alex Faulkner (University of Sussex) Dr Catherine Coveney (University of Sussex) Prof Jonathan Gabe (Royal Holloway, University of London) Prof Mike McNamee (Swansea University) T095.2 Thu 1st Sept, 11:00 133 The Tour de Technoscience: Lance Armstrong and the Sociology of the Techno Athlete Mr Samuel Haraway (University of California, Davis) The excellent ride: performing valuing procedures in driving bicycle Mag.<br>

    <br> Dr Olivier Ejderyan (ETH Zurich) Framing the bioeconomy: imaginaries of a transnational political undertaking Dr Barbara Ribeiro (University of Nottingham) Mr Robert Smith (King’s College London) Dr Kate Millar (University of Nottingham) Negotiating “Biometric Futures”: Promises, Politics and Biometric Identification in Israel Miss Michelle Spektor (MIT) When the Future Never Comes: The Promises of AI Ms Madeleine Elish (Columbia University) T095. 148 Brixton Energy: The transformational context of city local community vitality tasks Ms Irene Hakansson (King’s College London) Dr Bruno Turnheim (King’s College London) T098.3 Sat 3rd Sept, 16:00 133 Experimenting for flexible and sustainable electric power intake in a cooperative. I’m talking about less glitches and a larger group. Dr Martin Tironi (Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile) Mr Matías Valderrama (Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile) A taxonomy of Smart City participation Dr Merel Noorman (Maastricht University) Dr Dorien Zandbergen (University of Amsterdam) Smart Technologies, Smart Governance and Smart Cities: The Role of Community Involvement in Local Governance Dr Ravi Shukla (Netvision Corporation, Gurgaon) T011. 147 T097.3 Sat third Sept, 11:00 M215 Engineering By Other Means: How the marginalized knowledges of reduced income engineers contribute to sustainable neighborhood advancement Prof Juan Lucena (Colorado School of Mines) Dr Jessica Smith (Colorado School of Mines) The citizen participation in the scenario of GMO in Brazil.<br>

    <br> Ms Flore Guiffault (School for advanced studies in social sciences) Opening the ‘black box’ of participation in systems for inclusive progress: analyzing consumer involvement, techno cognitive dynamics and choice earning procedures Ms Gabriela Bortz (Universidad Nacional de Quilmes) Dr Hernan Thomas (Universidad Nacional de Quilmes) T097.2 Sat 3rd Sept, 09:00 M215 Atoms for Development: Are nanotechnologies capable of producing dynamics of social inclusion? We are desperatly browsing for our brother, Jim Schulein, 28, 1.80 m, brown eyes and hair, from the Netherlands. We are satisfied to host a discussion on Anarchist Aesthetics with various contributors to the new guide “Realizing the Impossible: Art Against Authority” (AK Press), edited by Josh MacPhee and Erik Reuland. 150 T100. Feminist Technoscience Studies in Unexpected Places: (Intra)Activism and Social Justice Convenors: Dr Ericka Johnson (Linköping University) Dr Celia Roberts (Lancaster University) Prof Lucy Suchman (Lancaster University, Uk) Dr Karen Throsby (University of Leeds) Chair: Lucy Suchman (Lancaster University,1), Kylie Valentine (UNSW Australia, 2,6), Karen Throsby (University of Leeds,3), Celia Roberts (Lancaster University, 4,5) This keep track of highlights the myriad ways in which FTS solutions, theories, and fears articulate the areas and techniques by which science and engineering are carried out, enact in/justice and can be transformative.<br>

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