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    Darknet Reddit makes search engine for Darknet Markets

    Administrators of the most popular English speaking forum TOR1 have launched a brand new initiative to combat Darknet criminals. On the 2nd of March they unveiled a brand-new R. search engine (something similar to Google) which allows users to look for illicit products from a variety of Darknet Markets at once. As a result, illicit information will be easier to trace for any cybercriminal.

    An explanation of the basics for Darknet newcomers This is the reason why the Darknet isn’t like the normal web. There isn’t a central website like Google or Bing that allows you to explore the entire darknet. To access any website, you need to know the exact URL or address. There are forums available to help you navigate through the darknet, but to enter they must be aware that they exist. That’s why there’s been efforts to develop an official search engine in order to facilitate the research of illegal actions. Of of course the comparison of Google and R. Search engines would be a big simplification. With Google you can search almost the whole Clearnet while with R. search, we’re able to explore solely darknet marketplaces (DNM) within TOR, and not even all of them.

    It’s almost like Google

    The idea of the concept of Darknet world market onion (DNM) search engine where one can look through the offers of various shops is not something new. What’s unique this time are the people who are behind the idea. It is a team of administrators and moderators of “D. forum” – the biggest discussion forum in the English language sphere of TOR that was created in February 2018 in response to the broader banning of Darknet related topics on Reddit. D. became one of the primary information hubs on TOR. When you’re looking for opinions on DNM or specific DNM vendors, new fraud techniques or do not know where to purchase something, that forum is the first place many Darknet users look. This is also true for people who are looking for tutorials on methods to make frauds, brand new services in DNM as well as the latest news on the Darknet or anything that is related to it, including frauds drug use or any other illicit or illegal activity. In this forum, you will find several sections that are clearly about an illegal activity like Fraud, Carding, Fraud Resources, Counterfeiting, Dark Markets, Fake ID fake Money, LSD, Drug Manufacture, Malware, Hacking, etc.

    Each major DNM and every popular type of drug and fraud has their own section. Additionally, there are sections for certain countries, cryptocurrencies and popular TOR websites. There is no restriction on pedophilia or pro-terrorism. poisons, weaponry and assassinations related to them are not allowed. Apart from that, it’s all-inclusive freedom of expression.

    The founders of the D. Forum are already one of the most influential vendors in English speaking areas of TOR and enjoy a good reputation. This is the reason why opening R. search could provide them a new role. To underline the connection with the highly regarded forum, R. search requires login from D. forum in order to sign-up on R. search. This is required even for those who are a DNM vendor and wish to update information about you within R. search. There isn’t any specific information as to whether R. search engine gathers information on searches made by users and their preferences. As we all know Google uses search history to identify users on the internet. What is the chance that you and the D. team can make the same kind of feature, and profile which of its users are most interested in which types of illegal items? There are a variety of tools for getting more information about Darknet users who prefer to remain anonymous.

    The style like R. search

    R. search looks really beautiful (in contrast in comparison to the some other Darknet websites) and is extremely user-friendly. It offers basic filters, including: minimum and maximum price as well as shipping countries, Darknet Markets. At the time of writing the article R. search engine found 23,7 thousand vendors more than 61 thousand listings (that’s what we call offers in the context of DNM) and 1,3 million reviews submitted by DNM users. As of now, R. search contains only six active DNM and archived information on DNM that have been deleted. It is crucial to know the way the new DNMs are added, and who decides on it. D. Forum team members want to build a database that includes only reliable DNM vendors, and not a plethora of scammers. Of obviously, it’s their personal decision as to which DNM are reliable enough to be added to the database and which aren’t. Due to this the role of the group in the Darknet information space is growing more important.

    An important point: R. search has in its database archived information from previously closed DNMs. There are markets that operate on Darknet change in their direction, and vendors are often forced to migrate from one place to another. The market statistics of their vendors typically do not show up in the new place and buyers need to trust the vendors’ claims that they are trustworthy, reliable and so on. Because of R. search buyers can examine the reputation of vendors who were in the old DNMs. R. search has a very interesting type of search engine in which you can identify vendors by their PGP fingerprints or their public PGP Key2. Thanks to that, when someone claims that they are Mr. X and he had excellent scores on DNM’s that are now dead, you can determine if the Mr. X on these dead DNM had the same PGP Key. PGP Key is the primary method used by Darknet users to authenticate themselves.

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