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    <br> WHO/ US CDC/ NIH / Bill GATES/ DR ANTONY FAUCI ARE SUPPRESSING THE Truth THAT Fit Young Men IN UNITED STATES AND ISRAEL HAVE Developed MYOCARDITIS (Inflammation OF THE Heart Muscle) After Receiving MRNA VACCINES, Particularly After Receiving THEIR Second DOSES. INTRAMUSCULAR INJECTION OF THE DELTOID Muscle Should BE Given Along A LINE DRAWN VERTICALLY DOWNWARDS FROM THE MID ACROMION OF THE Upper ARM Side. It is of great worth duly to study and contemplate one more experiment in which a gray item is placed partly on a black and partly on a white floor, so that the line of division passes vertically as a result of the object. THE Great KOSHER LIE IS THAT CIPLA IS A ISLAMIC Company.. BALLS TO WHO/ US CDC/ IMA / ICMR/ Health MINISTER HARDHVARDHAN/ PM MODI/ ANTONY FAUCI/ Bill GATES .. THESE Agents OF THE KOSHER VACCINE Lobby CAN Catch AND SWING. BALLS TO THESE Stupid IMA AND THEIR Doctors..<br>

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    <br> WE Ask THE Health MINISTER TO Train Doctors AND NURSES ABOUT THE ” Z-Track METHOD” . WHY HAS WHO/ US CDC/ NIH NOT Red FLAGGED MRNA VACCINES-AT Least Provide A Written WARNING TO THE LITERATURE THAT ACCOMPANIES Those MRNA VACCINES TO FLAG THE Rare Risk OF Heart Inflammation Seen Primarily IN Young Healthy ATHLETIC MALES? THERE HAS BEEN More THAN 4100 Cases OF MYOCARDITIS AND PERICARDITIS (AN Inflammation OF THE OUTER LINING OF THE Heart) IN THE Usa Alone Till Today.. WHEN Heart Muscles Become Damaged, TROPONIN IS Sent INTO THE BLOODSTREAM. High Levels OF TROPONIN IN THE BLOOD May Mean YOU ARE Having A Severe Heart Problem Where BLOOD Flow TO THE Heart Gets BLOCKED. I was questioned by someone if I have any improved alternate options to higher faculty athletics. CAPT AJIT VADAKAYIL ASKS NCW TO Conduct A Door TO Door Survey OF ALL Women ( MENSTRUATING AGE ) WHO HAVE BEEN ADMINISTERED COVISHIELD ( ASTRAZENECA ) VACCINE.. The withdrawal of substantial numbers of troops from the Balkans to battle the Persians and then the Arabs in the east opened the door for the gradual southward expansion of Slavic peoples into the peninsula, and, as in Asia Minor, numerous towns shrank to tiny fortified settlements.<br>

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