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Everything you need to know about HDRPE geomembrane

What is HDPE? It is a high-density waterproofing polyethylene geomembrane , which is manufactured under strict quality controls. Its construction is based on virgin resins that do not contain additives or fillers that can evaporate and cause deterioration as time progresses. This geomembrane, better known by its acronym in English as HDPE, is the most …

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Types of geomembrane for symbiotic aquaculture

The geomembrane for symbiotic aquaculture is one of the most important elements in the beginning of aquaculture projects. The beginning entails the purchase of material machinery necessary for the aquaculture farm, fish farm or shrimp farm. In a large number of occasions, the necessary information is not available to choose the appropriate aquaculture instruments or …

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We are increasingly aware of the importance of water when it comes to ensuring proper management, from its capture to its storage. The main problem derived from water treatment is due to problems with filtration. In the case of landfills, the leachates that are generated (industrial waste, slurry, etc.) can contaminate the groundwater, hence the …